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Citizens Advice Swale is well placed to see how policies are affecting ordinary people. When clients tell us their problems, we explore the various issues raised and provide the information and advice they need. We also establish why the problems have arisen, which could be due to unfair practices or inadequate policies.

All our gateway assessors and advisers are trained to identify and report social policy matters to our research and campaigning co-ordinators. This information is fed back to national Citizens Advice. This data is used to produce evidence reports for government and to campaign for change.

Successful campaigns, which have led to changes in the law or practice, in the past have included payday loan regulation and advertising, Universal Credit and childcare costs, bailiff harassment and legal aid reform. You can listen to our radio broadcasts where we talk about the campaigns we’ve worked on.

If you feel that you are being affected by an issue which is having an impact on others (locally or nationally) let us know as we may be able to conduct research and campaign for change.

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